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Tіm Legler Stаndѕ Fіrm: Mісhael Jordаn Eаrnѕ Hіѕ GOAT Vote, Unfаzed by Potentіаl LeBron Jаmeѕ Aсhіevements

Esteemed ESPN analyst Tim Legler believes that LeBron James is solidly no. 2 behind Michael Jordan, but won’t overtake him. The former NBA sharpshooter cited his own experience of battling Jordan, among other reasons.

The GOAT debate has already been had on multiple occasions this season across sports media. Obviously, James’ all-time scoring feat put him in rarefied air, and his playoff campaign is only furthering his legend.

The Lakers hold a 1-0 lead heading into Game 2 against Stephen Curry and his Warriors. Many believe that this could be the series that defines their historic rivalry, and most analysts are in agreement.

If LeBron does manage to beat the Warriors, win the Western Conference and even make the Finals, expect the debate to get all the more heated – especially if the Lakers do manage to win their 18th championship.

Tim Legler says LeBron James is not gonna pass Michael Jordan Tim Legler made an appearance on JJ Redick’s podcast The Old Man and The Three yesterday. Looking ahead, he predicted a hard-fought series for the Lakers and LeBron James against Steph.

While speaking of the need for LeBron to up his shooting percentage – especially from deep, Legler was inadvertently asked about his Mount Rushmore of NBA basketball in reference to Stephen A Smith’s recent take. He went with Jordan, LeBron and Kareem as the undisputable picks. Legler also believes that LeBron is not likely to overtake Jordan all-time, in his opinion:

“I played against Jordan a lot and my whole career was in the 90s. The guy won 6 rings, you know, he didn’t give anyone else a chance during his time. I don’t think LeBron is gonna pass him.”

“It’s not even about the rings. It’s about the player. I’ve played against this guy a lot, I’ve watched this guy a lot. For me, he’s cemented himself there.”

“Obviously you can still win more rings, who knows how long he’s gonna play! Historically, I think he’s going to be number 2.”

Will LeBron vs MJ ever stop being a hot topic? When Michael Jordan was inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009, there was practically no soul alive who had a convincing GOAT case for anyone other than MJ.

LeBron James is a great basketball player, and he’s already surpassed many of Jordan’s records. For people aged less than 30, he’s almost definitely the gold standard for NBA dominance and excellence.

However, no matter what James does, he’ll never be the undisputed GOAT the same way Jordan was. They’ll always be considered comparable – especially in light of James’ amazing longevity.