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How Sсottie Pіppen Chаnges Hіs Oрinion About The GOAT Through Yeаrs: “I Wouldn’t Tаke LeBron To The Movіes Wіth Me”

Scottie Pippen’s shifting perspectives on the greatest basketball player of all time reflect personal experiences and changing dynamics within the sport.

We compiled all accessible videos featuring Scottie Pippen discussing the GOAT. Over time, his stance shifted from firmly supporting Michael Jordan to favoring LeBron James, particularly following his public disagreement with his former teammate in recent years.

For a considerable duration, Scottie Pippen consistently affirmed Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time in numerous interviews until 2020.

In an old interview, Pippen responded disdainfully when asked to compare LeBron James and Michael Jordan, dismissing the question as “dumb” and expressing a preference for Jordan.

“That’s a dumb f**king question. I would take LeBron or Michael? I’ve never done anything with LeBron. I wouldn’t take LeBron to the movies with me.”

His blunt rejection of James and assertion that he wouldn’t even take LeBron to the movies with him underscored his loyalty to Jordan and his reluctance to entertain comparisons between the two iconic players.

In 2018, while talking as the guest On The Jump, Scottie Pippen said there is no game where he would pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan.

“Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever put on shoes and play in our game. No doubt about it. I’m always asked about questions comparing him to LeBron, I try to make the best of it. But really, the comparison shouldn’t ever be made.” 

“But there’s no game I would ever play in, where I would pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan. Not if I’m trying to win. I’m not gonna give up my teammate who I won 6 championships with and go and start fishing in a pond thinking I’m gonna catch a bigger fish.”

Then in 2019 as a guest on First Take, Pippen threw shade at LeBron James, saying he doesn’t have clutch genes like Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He did praise LeBron saying that he does a lot more on the court than anyone else but hinted that he didn’t have the killer instinct like Jordan and Kobe.

Again in 2019, he bashed LeBron for calling himself the GOAT, saying that Jordan had never done the same and that his peers call him the greatest. 

However, the airing of “The Last Dance” and the subsequent fallout between Pippen and Jordan marked a turning point in Pippen’s public perception of his former teammate.

The catalyst for Pippen’s fluctuating opinions can be traced back to the release of “The Last Dance” documentary series in 2020. This comprehensive look at the Chicago Bulls dynasty from 1996 to 1998 reignited public interest in key figures like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. It also brought to light tensions between the two former teammates, sparking public disagreements and criticisms between them.

In the aftermath of the documentary, Pippen’s opinions on Jordan began to shift. In 2020, he deviated from his longstanding endorsement of Jordan as the GOAT and instead proclaimed Kobe Bryant as the greatest player of all time.

This departure from his previous stance signaled a willingness to reassess his views in light of new revelations and perspectives brought forth by the documentary.

Additionally, Pippen’s personal life has been subject to public scrutiny, particularly concerning his ex-wife Larsa Pippen, who started a relationship in 2022 with Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son. 

While the actions of Larsa and Marcus are independent of Scottie Pippen, the association between their families may have fueled tensions between Pippen and Jordan, contributing to Pippen’s changing perspective on Jordan.

In the year 2022, Pippen further demonstrated his evolving perspective by declaring LeBron James as the GOAT. His acknowledgment of James’ achievements and impact on the game suggested a broader appreciation for greatness beyond his experiences with Jordan.

However, by 2023, Pippen’s perspective appeared to evolve once again when he stated that there is no definitive GOAT, emphasizing the collective nature of basketball as a team sport. This nuanced viewpoint reflected a broader appreciation for the contributions of all players and the collaborative effort required for success.

Again in 2023, Pippen’s relationship with Jordan seemingly soured when he publicly criticized his former teammate, describing him as a “horrible player.” This unexpected critique marked a significant departure from Pippen’s previous admiration for Jordan and hinted at underlying tensions between the two basketball icons.

Then, just recently in 2024, Pippen’s opinion on Jordan changed again. In an interview on an Australian TV show, Pippen once again declared Jordan as the greatest player in basketball.

“Oh, for sure. You look at the MVPs he was able to achieve but I think it was all brought from us being successful as a team obviously someone’s gonna bring those accolades home but he was the greatest player in basketball.”

After Pippen reiterated Jordan as the GOAT, there is hope that Jordan might reach out to him, fostering the possibility of reconciliation and the renewal of their friendship.