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Whаt led Chrіstіan Wood to ѕeek а reѕtraining order аgаinst model Yаsmine Loрez? Dіve іnto the ѕhocking detаils!

The LA Lakers player had to hire a PI to serve the order.

Christian Wood and Yasmine Lopez have been in a complicated break up for more than a year.Instagram, @chriswood_5/@theyasminelopez

Los Angeles Lakers forward Christian Wood is embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Yasmine Lopez. Things have gotten to the point where he requested a restraining order against the model, but she has not been able to serve it to her, even using a private investigator.

Wood, a nine-year veteran who has played for eight NBA teams and three G League teams, requested the restraining order due to a series of incidents involving Lopez. These altercations would have caused the player “mental and emotional distress,” according to court documents cited by Radar Online.

The couple, who share an eight-month-old son named Kobe Sean, reportedly ended their relationship in December 2022, and that was when the incidents began, including break-ins and destruction of private property, among others.

Wood and Lopez’s bitter breakup

One of the first incidents the Lakers’ power forward details in his lawsuit occurred in January 2023. At that time, Lopez allegedly spray-painted the player’s Lamborghini car.

In August 2023, the model allegedly broke into the player’s home and destroyed the property. More recently, this past February 23, Lopez and a group of her friends climbed the fence of the player’s house to reach his Mercedes Benz and scratch vehicle’s paint.

In addition, she would have opened another vehicle and the front gate and then walked across the yard. Neighbors alerted authorities, and police arrested Lopez at the scene.

That same day, police told Wood that he could pick up his son with a friend of his ex-girlfriend. However, this other woman would have refused to hand over the child and would have made false accusations against him through the media.

The restraining order

Following the events, a judge granted Wood a restraining order. However, the player has not been able to deliver the order, even though he hired a private investigator to do the job. According to the documents, the PI went to Lopez’s alleged home but found it empty, with no signs that anyone lived there.

Further investigation led him to find another address in North Carolina. However, they clarified that their investigations led them to determine that Lopez is a model and influencer who travels very often.

“This case would require far more investigative research and possible surveillance of known locations where respondent visits in order to effect personal service,” explained the investigator.

The order prohibits Lopez from coming within 100 yards of Wood, and although it is temporary, the court set a hearing to determine whether he makes it permanent. To do this, however, Wood must deliver the paperwork to his ex-girlfriend.