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“Aіn’t No Exсuses, All-Stаr Rіght?”: Steрhen Curry Hіlarіously Got Trаsh-Tаlked Into Mіssіng A Wіndmіll Dunk By Hіgh Sсhoolers

A fun exchange between Stephen Curry and a few high school basketball players resulted in a forgettable moment for the 4x NBA champion. The youngsters trash-talked the 9x All-Star into attempting a windmill dunk before the 35-year-old missed it in front of them. The hilarious moment became more unique for its rarity as the Golden State Warriors talisman stepped out of his comfort zone to defend his pride.

The incident took place last year during the 8th edition of Curry Camp in association with Under Armour. Two teenagers from the camp, AJ Dybantsa, and Tahaad Pettiford first started taunting the NBA point guard on the court. “Hey,” Dybantsa said to call the 6ft 2″ icon before Pettiford asked, “You can dunk?”. Dybantsa then further provoked Curry, stating, “Yo chill”.

The other attendees joined in soon after that as they collectively requested the Splash Brother to attempt a windmill dunk. Despite the Warriors star expressing shock, Dybantsa insisted, mentioning, “Get on that rim. Let me see you get on that rim”. Curry initially attempted to dodge the plea, saying, “Tired legs,” but it backfired on the spot.

The demand from the high schoolers only increased over time as one of them mentioned, “Ain’t no excuses. All-Star, right”. “Be a dawg, fight through it,” another added to further provoke the 2022 Finals MVP. Eventually, the Ohio-born gave in as he attempted a windmill dunk before falling just short and hitting the rim instead in the process.

The uniqueness of the moment amused the teenagers as one of them requested, “Spin again. You can’t end on a miss,” Dybantsa stated to push Curry for one more attempt at the dunk. That time around, the 2x MVP refused to fall for it as he shot the ball from deep to score. “That’s why I stay out here,” the Warriors guard told the youngsters after making his attempt count on that occasion.

Despite his visible attempt to defend his pride in front of aspirants, his effort might have been fueled by his intentions of setting examples. As the organizer, Curry might have looked to set the standard high within the camp. So, he eventually let his emotions take over while going for the unexpected.

Interestingly, it was not the first time he went for such an extravagant aim. During his initial years in the league, the point guard used to practice this skill occasionally during training sessions for fun. Thus, Curry was probably confident of making it happen in last year’s camp too before getting a taste of reality.

The camps of Stephen Curry continues to produce iconic moments

The goal of the annual camps from Curry Brand is to provide young athletes with a holistic experience. That’s why, the NBA icon remains extremely involved with the project to ensure this outcome. In Curry’s own words, “We’re trying to build true student-athletes, true professionals. It’s not just about, yeah, we want the five-star recruits. It doesn’t just end there”.

So, over the years, it has produced several memorable instances. One such moment took place a couple of years back when the current Oklahoma City Thunder center Chet Holmgren showcased his ball-handling skills in the camp. Going up against Curry, he dribbled the Warriors star with ease to penetrate into the paint before dunking the ball.

Situations such as this help the youngsters gain the spotlight a couple of years before the NBA draft. At the same time, it helps Curry comprehend the quality of teenage basketball players around the country. All in all, the benefits of the overall camp far exceed the contributions of all the parties involved.